Music & Voice

Katarina Holmberg / Tigerlight


On this page you can hear Katarina's different voice over styles used in films, apps, radio and cartoons.

You can book Katarina to record in person at an external studio or she can supply remote recording sessions and deliver perfectly processed audio ready to use in your productions. 


  • Voice over actress: Katarina Holmberg
  • Voice types: Playful, sleepy, super hero, young women, child, rapping
  • Accents: US/ UK/ French

At the clients request these next recordings were created by speaking into an iPhone mic - as they are official promotional videos for the app Zoobe. Some voices have been pitched higher or lower in the app's post production to match the characters.


Explainer video


Explainer video

Voice over: Katarina Holmberg

Direction and animation: Nathan Grobler,


Voice over for Ableton

Advertising their new Push features.


TV presenting

  • A short report on behalf of the European Union 


  • Fictional short film voice over

Radio voice over and interview

  • This first clip is an advert for shows that have perviously aired on Digitally Imported hosted by Katarina/ Tigerlight.

App instruction video

  • Created for Berlin based start up Zoobe

Advert COMMISSIONED BY Orange Telecom Switzerland

  • Voice over actress: Katarina Holmberg
  • Voice type: Storytelling, young woman, narration

Radio voice over

  • Voice over actress: Katarina Holmberg
  • Voice types: Directed at a young modern audience