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Single lesson (students/unemployed)

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Single lesson (students/unemployed)


Upon purchase I will email you to book in your first session! Feel free to send me over any questions or special requests you have. Lessons are available in person in Berlin (in Treptower or Wilmersdorf) or worldwide via Skype

If you are a beginner or an advanced singer I am here to help. I offer vocal coaching and singing lessons and have a varied and vast knowledge of the voice and the music industry. I have performed on main stages at Glastonbury Festival, sung backing vocals on Xfactor and I continue to be an active performer in addition to teaching singing to people aged 7 up to 80 years old of mixed abilities from professionals preparing for tours to people who want to sing at their wedding or feel more confident at karaoke! People who want to explore their unique sound or get the confidence to perform at an open mic. I love to help people find their voice and build strong, healthy vocal techniques. I believe anyone can learn to sing!

Your lesson:

Each lesson is tailored to the student's unique needs. In your vocal lesson we can look through the inner workings of your voice including focus on -- Vocal warm ups Breathing Pitching Scales Improvisation Tone Placement Twang Mix voice Head voice Falsetto Chest voice Music theory Sight reading Posture Vibrato The Artist and Actor within each singer Emotional expression Dynamics Vocal physiology Music industry career advice career planning and goal setting Mic technique Backing vocals Layering vocals for record Harmony singing Songwriting Music Theory Session singing Sight Singing Recording Techniques Production skills Lessons are 55 minutes long

Education: I hold a First Class Honours Music degree from Southampton University & Distinction in Popular Music National Diploma from Northbrook College. I am constantly researching about music and the voice, as science develops so does our understanding of how we can safely manipulate our voices and carve out our own sound. I continue to have one to one lessons with top vocal coaches in modern techniques every few months. I am a Musician's Union, PPL, PRS and MCPS Member.

My teaching experience: I was head of vocals at Solent University for their Performance B.A. degree for four years until I left due to my performing taking me on tour. I have taught Vocal Technical Development and Session Singing Skills at The Brighton Institute of Modern Music and I have taught Vocal Studies, Band Coaching and Music Theory at Brighton City college as well as leading music workshops across the UK for all ages and abilities, including extensive work with participants with special needs. I have a strong client base of professional and non professional singers alike.

My studio session singing experience:

As a session singer in the studio and live across Europe and UK I have sung as a backing vocalist for ITV's X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent this included backing vocals for Beyonce, Westlife, George Michael, Christina Aguilera, Robbie Williams, and Rhianna, on Michael Ball's Greatest Hits album and recorded with Andrew Lloyd Webber. The Discovery Channel, Buena Vista and The National German Television Awards and more..

My songwriting, artist and composition experience:

Alongside singing soul and jazz I have a dance music alias where I produce dance music and sing under the Artist name Tigerlight. I perform worldwide under this alias as a DJ and vocalist this includes performances on main stages at music festivals inc. Glastonbury and more. As an instrumental music composer I write for TV, Film and adverts. My music has featured on TV and film worldwide.

This is what my students have said about their lessons:

"Katarina really did help me achieve a dream. I wanted to try out open mic nights, singing some of my own songs, but I never felt the confidence in my voice to try. After just a short time I was up on stage, giving it my all, and have loved every opportunity since." - - Chris Gibbon, Brighton

"Katarina is the most encouraging, infectiously enthusiastic teacher I have ever had" George Thomas, 28, Brighton

"Katarina is the real deal. I enjoy every lesson we have because she is so passionate about music and helping others develop their voices." - Rachael Dines, Worthing